Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loss forgotten on new signings.

It seems that further counties are showing debt, previously on here I have commented heavily on the loses by Yorkshire and Lancashire due to building works, as well as Leicestershire over spending on overseas players. Now it seems that Sussex is the next in a long line of counties with negative funds for this fiscal year.

Turnover was down by more than £1m to £4.86m from £5.87m in 2009, despite Sussex winning the County Championship Division Two title.

A report produced today showed a loss of £171,000. By no means as large as the millions of pounds being thrown around up north, but still damaging. Yet to my surprise I read that Sussex CC have just signed 3 overseas players at a time of a loss. The claim of losing £50,000 due to the World Cup of Football reducing crowds maybe a valid reason to the board as for the losses, but then to go out and invest more money in players I feel are not 'drawcards' seems wasteful. The T20 is meant to be your crowd puller, if anything the competition that brings in non-cricketing people to enjoy the spectacle, either you go with a star player or without, being wasteful with bringing in average Internationals doesn't help.

The ECB withdrawing teams from the Champions League due to a fixturing tantrum with the IPL and Indian Cricket Board of Control didn't help, with some of money Sussex invested they expected to recoup though the involvement in this trophy.

I'm sure Sussex will have a good season, and the recruits for the T20 will give them plenty of opportunity to do well, it is just a slap in the face to cricket watches and fans of Sussex to see such losses and then the front to throw money at players from outside of its own. For the survival of cricket at all levels from the lowly village side to the top professional sides, it is those that invest in youth and development of its own playing group that survive in the long run.

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