Friday, July 2, 2010

Evening Delight

Cricket has a way when victory is assured of giving all a chance to laugh and enjoy the fruits of an effort well done. In a recent Evening League match we found ourselves taking the field to defend a mammoth total of 188, against a side that was on the lower end of the table. As we took to the field it seemed as quick as the first delivery was bowled and the batsman found himself walking to the pavilion so quick that the incoming batsman was yet to put his pads on, was it known that this game was going to be over quickly.

As the game found its way towards the end, the skipper found this to be the perfect time to give a few old and young boys a chance to roll the arm over and have a shot at fame and glory, as did the incoming batsman. With nothing to lose they were swinging like heroes and creating more luck with each heave of the plank.

Standing and gully and waiting for the delivery to come flicking into my hands, I watch the bowler twirl the ball in his hand as he prepares the batsman to take stance. As he comes trotting in I take my gaze from the bowler to the blade of the batsman anticipating my catch, when a sudden crash and a bowl rolling past my foot I gaze up. And there sprawled across the pitch is our bowler, and the non-striker stumps scattered. He has tripped over the stumps!
 My laughter takes over my body as giggle and chuckle at the sight of a grown man lying and giggling at what he has just done, never will he be able to live this down, and never will I let him forget.
 Cricket has a funny way of giving you oddest of situations, but keeping them in a light hearted mood. Without cricket my list of stories would be a short book, yet this summer game seems to provide me and others with amusing memories so deep you tend to forget the score.

OSSC 188 [C.Todd 100*, A. Berry 1-10-1]
Carnival Cougars 102 [J. Wotton 23, O. Reid 4-23-4]

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